Journal: 26 May 2016

A high five to Scandi Mini.

One of our UK-based stockists and good friend, Gabrielle, is celebrating five years in business with her West London childrenswear store, Scandi Mini.

Gabrielle invited Nor–Folk, among others to design and create a limited edition commemorative t-shirt to celebrate her half decade in business. The tees are designed for children, as well as their parents.

Our design is an iteration of our iconic Dot Tee. By giving it a subtle tweak, it is transformed in to a graphic balloon with the type (High Five Moments) becoming the trailing ribbon.

As always it is a pleasure working with Gabrielle and today, I dropped in to Scandi Mini’s showroom to join in the celebrations and catch up with some familiar faces.

You can purchase the High Five Moment tees here.

Happy Birthday Scandi Mini.

Fi x


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