Journal: 24 May 2017

Elegance on two wheels.

Two years ago we visited Copenhagen for the first time and, six months ago, we explored Denmark’s second city (and this year’s city of culture), Aarhus. It is fair to say that these two Danish cities had a profound effect on me and, in particular, changed my view of the humble push bike.


Young and old use their bikes as their main mode of transport.

And what struck me so significantly was that there wasn’t a single piece of lycra in sight.

In England, in particular, there is a prominent culture for road bikes and cycling long distances in clubs or teams which can feel off putting to the novice, like me.

Having a strong interest in fashion, I was struck by what females wore whilst they rode around the city street. They didn’t let their mode of transport dictate their choice of clothing – they looked effortlessly elegant.

Following a collaboration with tokyobike in 2016, I approached Neil of tokyobike London with a proposition. I wanted to tell a story and show the journey of Norwich-based Pawnee as she travels around our beautiful city, accompanied in part by her dog Mini. All offset to a backdrop of some of our finest independent businesses and locations.

Pawnee meanders along our cobbled streets with fresh flowers from the market, bread from the bakers and even Mini from her home on the River Wensum. The bike’s versatility and practicality is demonstrated as she traverses the streets, making time for coffee and a hair cut.

I, for one, am looking forward to integrating more cycling into my routine – it’s an opportunity to exercise and reduce my overall carbon footprint.

And, as Pawnee has proved, you can still look elegant on two wheels.


Photographer – Fiona Burrage (Nor–Folk)

Concept – Fiona Burrage (Nor–Folk)

Bike – tokyobike Bisou in ivory

Rattan basket

Model – Pawnee Dekeyser (clothes, footwear, makeup all model’s own)

Sunglasses – Monokel

Stylist– Sophie Kowalyk

Photography assistant – Olivia Trowell

Mini, French Bulldog – Amie Farr


Coffee Shop – Artel

Hairdressers – Flint

City Hall, Norwich

River Wensum, Norwich

Elm Hill, Norwich.

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