Journal: 17 January 2017

Ice Lollies – rethought.

Sticking to our new year’s resolutions, to make time for and enjoy the simpler moments in life, we decided to make a batch of ice lollies.

We’ve long used ‘ice cream’ as a way of discreetly getting our fussy eater to consume a range of fruits and vegetables (without his knowledge). And, at the weekend, we made three flavours, ‘strawberry and coconut’ (not pictured) ‘banana & peanut butter’ and ‘G&T’ – for the adults! Ice lollies have come a long way from the sugary calippo!

What’s great with these recipes, you really can’t go wrong

I found the below recipes via Pinterest, but in true creative fashion, substituted and adapted where we didn’t have what was needed.

One for the adult’s

G&T lollies are a fun ‘digestif’ for dinner parties and are really simple and quick.

Feel free to adapt the below recipe to taste/preference:
– 100ml lime juice (we used freshly squeezed)
– 50g caster sugar (entirely your preference)
– 600ml tonic water
– 100ml we used Adnams Copper House Dry Gin
– 50ml water
– We also added a few sprigs of mint leaves
– Mix and pour into moulds
– Freeze and enjoy.

Peanut butter & Banana ‘ice cream’ – A fruity alternative to the ‘Feast’

Blend 3 bananas with 3 table spoons of peanut butter (we used Whole Earth).
Add a small cup of coconut milk to thin the mixture.
Place in moulds and freeze for roughly 4 hours.
Melt chocolate of preference in a saucepan.
Take out lollies and dip into melted chocolate.
Roll the chocolate/lolly in crushed almonds and enjoy immediately or pop back in the freezer so they harden/set (allow 10 minutes).
And enjoy.

What’s great with the above recipes, is you really can’t go wrong, they’re easy to make and you know exactly what you’re ingesting/enjoying.

We’re looking forward to getting more creative with our recipes for Stanley, as well as further experimenting with flavours for the grown ups!


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