Journal: 6 April 2018

Mood enhancers – light and sound.

We’d coveted our apartment for several years before it came on the market and we finally had the chance to buy it. We fell in love with the light. Our apartment is one of seven penthouses in a converted factory – our space, specifically, was the drawing rooms.


When we first viewed it, we felt like we were in the clouds. It became apparent then how much the light could improve my mood. Four years later our apartment has been developed, with an introduction of a new ensuite and room modifications.



With the use of additional lighting we create zonal areas, within the open plan living space.

This is achieved with the use of lamps.

Our recent acquisition is the Pablo UMA Sounds Lantern which is portable, so it makes moving between zones more fluid. We can collectively enjoy an evening meal and then transition the mood through to read Stanley books at bedtime.




Sound, or music, is also another huge mood enhancer for me. As soon I wake up, I check my emails and and put on a playlist. I have playlists for every situation and environment. Music is so powerful, it can just as easily motivate as well as relax me.



I prefer sound systems without cables. I have half a dozen speakers that span home and the studio, which all work off bluetooth or wifi.

The Pablo UMA Sounds Lantern is actually a multifunctional piece – it isn’t simply light, it’s sound too.



I couldn’t agree more with Dieter Rams –

 ‘Having small touches of colour makes it more colourful than having the whole thing in colour


Aesthetically, the simple lines and the golden hue create a lovely harmony and balance in our home. But, most crucially, the Pablo UMA Sounds Lantern collective functionality enhances my wellbeing.

Light and sound really do have a huge effect on the improvement of my mood.




Pablo UMA Sounds Lantern from Nest.

Stanley’s clothes by Molo.

Words and photographs by Fiona Burrage.

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