Journal: 21 August 2017

Our rooftop cinema club.

It’s been said on occasion that we live in an unconventional family home. Well, we do love to do things a little differently…



Before Stanley starts reception in September and with it still being the summer holidays, we’ve been more laid back than usual with the bedtime routine and, as a treat, we allowed him to stay up to watch a movie on our new EE Community Cinema kit.



The EE Mi-fi box allows you to stream films using 3 or 4G, so we thought what better place to give Stanley his first taste of open air cinema than the comfort of our own roof top!

Stanley, 4, said it was super cool.

The kit arrived in a handy case with wheels, along with wireless speakers, cloth screen, projector, keyboard and EE Mi-fi box.



Several nights later, once Stanley was asleep, Bobby and I watched a couple of episodes from the Abstract series on Netflix. Bobby now known as Bear Grills, dusted down and lit our firepit.

Bobby said, and I agree, we need to make more time to enjoy our roof terrace this autumn. I’m not sure I can think of a better way than a couple of Swedish ciders, a good film and a roasting fire.




Our plan is to take it on the Norfolk Broads (where Bobby’s from) and watch a movie one evening near the river, along with his family. We’ve already picked a lovely secluded location.



We’re definitely going to make our roof top cinema club a regular event!

You can read more about 4GEE Community Cinema Club here.

Words and photography by Fiona Burrage.


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