Journal: 21 March 2016

Stanley’s Secret Warehouse Party.

Stanley’s Secret Warehouse Party.

A year ago I was at my local park playing with Stanley when I met another family and a mother who co-runs The Fire Pit Camp. We instantly clicked and discovered we were also neighbours! Over the coming months I got the chance to go to a few events that were held at the Camp and I fell in love with it. It has everything you’d want for a family-friendly location nestled in woodland.

With Stanley’s third birthday approaching I was at a loss for inspiration. I even asked for suggestions on Instagram and someone suggested an outdoor theme. I loved it, but with March being typically wet I was concerned it could be a wash out. Then, the blindingly obvious hit me – we could hire Rachel’s space. It was perfect!

Rachel and I had lots of ‘meetings’ in the run up to the party, usually with wine or prosecco once her two and mine were asleep. Being neighbours helped! We decided we’d keep it simple, no schedule – just a warehouse full of our friends and family, set to the soundtrack of upbeat funk. Bobby prepared the bagels and Doughnut Lab brought the sweet-sweet treats. No cake for this party.

I didn’t really have to bring any decorations, I just ordered a selection of clear, white and heart shaped balloons from Little Lulubel to add my minimalist aesthetic.

I can’t thank Rachel and Sarah enough for hosting such an awesome party. I know that Stanley certainly had a wonderful time. I’ll have to think of something pretty special to top this party for next year!


Venue, The Fire Pit Camp.
Balloons by Little Lulubel.
Stanley wears The Wonder Years.


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