Journal: 22 February 2017

The smart tom boy.

I’m what society calls a ‘tom boy’. And, to be honest, I always have been. I don’t think that makes me any less of a woman. So here is my big admission – I like comfort. When I’m comfortable, I feel happier. When I’m happier, I’m more productive. I dabbled with more formal wear for meetings and it wasn’t for me. I’d always sit awkwardly.

Today, my work wardrobe is capsule and muted. As a result of my height (6ft with long arms & legs), you will find my body is 75% covered in Long Tall Sally clothing at any given time. And, because of my shape – a pipe cleaner – I like and feel most comfortable in oversized tops and coats.

This coat is a 16 (I’m a 10) but I loved how it looked oversized. For ‘work’ I tend to wear:
– straight leg trousers
– culottes
– an occasional skirt, but it has to have a twist
– 360 of the 365 days of the year I’ll be in trainers (and I do my best to keep them clean/throw them in the washing machine).

For me, detail is everything and less is absolutely more when creating a smarter look. I happen to find comfort in consistency and wear studs (in my ears), always a watch and usually a cross-body bag.

So if you like comfort and you’re a tomboy, you really can still look smart. The key to this look is to keep it simple and balance out the detail. And, if ever you’re in doubt, you cannot go wrong with a fresh pair of kicks.

Clothes and trainers – Long Tall Sally

Watch – Instrmnt


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