Journal: 30 May 2019

Wild Winterton – Shoot 2019.

I am the first to admit, I don't like fast fashion. Not only because I don't like to be told what is current and what I should wear but most importantly I don't like the unnecessary and associated waste (and landfill).



It’s for these reasons that I decided to only sell a continuous line for my own brand, Nor–Folk.

Annually, I re-shoot the collection.



Following a photography commission, where I shot and documented Winterton over a year, I fell in love with the landscape.

I particularly loved how wild it felt out of season.



Growing up in Essex, just outside of East London, and only moving to Norfolk as an adult, I consider myself an urbanite. I love the city and the buzz. But as I get older I realise the wellbeing and clarity I gain, when I escape. I feel that this campaign for Summer 2019 is a visual metaphor for myself and I love the contrast and the unexpected combination.

I’ve already got a location in mind for Summer 20.



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