Journal: 22 January 2018

Working smarter not harder – 6 steps.

Here are the 6 ways I intend on making 2018 the most productive year yet.


1. Reflection
Last year I was guilty of spreading myself too thinly – both professionally and personally. So this year I set myself the goal to work smarter rather than harder. And here’s how I intend to do it–

2. Motivation
Understand my motivation, for me it’s not money. It’s fulfilling my creative potential. With every project I take on, I’m ensuring I work with a client who shares my vision and wants to create great content.

3. Absorption
I’m switching off from the virtual and indulging in the physical; books and trips to the cinema. I’ve got a wider frame of reference. I’m currently reading Cereal’s book ‘These Islands’.



4. Travel
This year, we have a lot of breaks planned. Cardiff in just over a week, then Edinburgh and Sheffield. I love meeting new people and exploring new cities. We’re just back from a week in Dungeness which provided a lot of this clarity.

You can read about our stay at The Shingle House.



5. Consumption
Ironically I’m quite an anti-consumer. I’m a minimalist in values just as much as aesthetics. Yes I buy products but I enjoy waiting and saving for something I love. I’m very much against a disposable culture. If you’ve been interested in any of our pieces, we’re currently running a sale. All our products are made ethically and the majority in the UK.

6. Balance
And of course we all need an outlet from our professional practise, so I’m making time for weekly exercise. I find it vitally important to work the body as well as the mind. And in turn, I sleep better. It’s all about balance.

Here’s to a year of working smarter (not harder).

Words and photography by Fiona Burrage.

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