Journal: 18 August 2016

Minimal Twinning.

When you say ‘twinning’ your mind might jump to twee mother-and-child-circa-80’s match-matchy jumpsuits. It’s had a bit of a bad rep, but twinning has definitely undergone a resurgence, especially with celebrities proudly leading the way. When Stanley was born I, for one, was happy to twin – it was a very visible link and almost an endorsement – showing the world that this little one is mine! And twinning doesn’t need to be head to toe, it can be as subtle as wearing the same colour jacket.

I designed the Work Hard & Play Hard collection in 2015 to embody my own ethos and outlook, which is one I know a lot of people share. The execution was deliberately and intentionally minimal to carry the weight and power of the message.

This year, I launched the Dot Tees. The Dot is derived from the full stop in our logo, so is 100% a part of us and, as a collection, this will form our basics range. It is the definition of minimal twinning.

Twinning, of course doesn’t even have to be parent and child, it can be between siblings. For parents who might think it’s restrictive, by being prescriptive with choice in your child’s clothing, I would argue twinning demonstrates inclusivity and belonging.

I arranged to shoot this campaign with Rachel Fletcher, a long term ‘Instagram friend’, who I got the pleasure to meet at the University of East Anglia last weekend. Massive well done to Edie & Rudy for being such superstars on the day, they were as happy as they look.

You can shop the adult’s collection here and children’s here.

The next two Nor–Folk shoot’s are already in the pipeline and will be taking place in September, keep your eyes peeled for more to come.

And you see the behind-the-scenes-scenes from this shoot on our Facebook.

It’s had a bit of a bad rep, but twinning has definitely undergone a resurgence


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